Joseph Joseph is an award-winning, international homeware brand, founded in 2003 by twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph. The brand has now grown to include innovative and functional products in the kitchen, waste management and cleaning product categories in over 100 countries across the globe.

New product opportunities

We were approached by Joseph Joseph to identify a range of new product opportunities in the kitchen, and to design the products for them. We were then asked to further develop a selected idea – the self-tapping sieve, and to prepare it for mass production.

SieveRange 3 test

Insight and innovation

By spending time with Joseph Joseph, retailers and consumers, we built a clearer picture of the brand, its positioning and existing product range. We reviewed Joseph Joseph and competitor products to learn how they were performing – helping us to understand people’s attitudes and usage of a range of everyday kitchen utensils.

One of the new opportunity areas we identified was sieves. There was a gap in the existing Joseph Joseph range – they didn’t offer one but competitors did. We felt it would be a successful addition to the range, if we could design one that had the clear, improved consumer benefits and additional functionality Joseph Joseph require, whilst being able to be manufactured at an achievable cost.

Using sieves ourselves, and watching others use them, we identified a common behavior – so natural it was almost imperceptible. When sifting ingredients, consumers bang sieves on their other hand. Why? It’s not that comfortable thanks to sharp metal rims, and it requires the use of both hands – even though the second might be busy, or covered in cake mixture.

We all do it because it speeds up sieving and gives us more control. Traditional sieves rely on our other hands to create inertia, the sudden stopping of movement that in turn causes the contents of the sieve to pass through the mesh. Our idea was to create a sieve that did that for us, speeding up sieving and removing the need for using both hands.

Following our delivery of the initial insight and new product opportunity, we designed the self-tapping sieve, developing the final design alongside a series of working prototypes. We then delivered final 3D CAD data to Joseph Joseph in readiness for handover to the factory for mass production.


Quicker and easier sifting

The end result was the launch of the design-registered “Shake-It” sieve – developed and launched to market in half the usual time.

The simple design makes sifting flour quick and easy with its single-handed operation As you shake, the sieve handle gently rocks from side-to-side in your hand, stopping sharply as soon as it reaches its furthest point. This movement cleverly simulates the process of tapping the sieve with your other hand, causing the flour to fall. The Shake-It sieve was launched to market in February 2016.



“Equals always approach projects with intelligence and inventiveness, performing a balancing act between the needs of our brand DNA, our consumers and business realities. The Shake-it sieve is an excellent example of their ability to spot great opportunities, innovate and create relevant, desirable and commercially successful products.”

– Joseph Joseph