Low Cost Handsets

In 2007, Nokia asked us to design a dramatically lower cost pair of handsets to launch in emerging markets with target prices of €30 & €35. Nokia wanted to build brand recognition and loyalty in a new market with huge potential to reach new consumers. They were to come with Nokia Life Tools, a range of services which includes Agriculture, Education and Entertainment services designed specially for the consumers in small towns and rural areas of the emerging markets. Both devices were to sit within the ‘Connect’ category, which represented around 70% of Nokia’s total market.


Simplify & Distill Brand DNA

Since we’d previously created the over-arching design language for ‘Connect’, we understood the elements that made up the identity and simplified these for a simpler look.

We reduced the amount of parts to reduce cost, aiming to create a pair of devices that still looked very recognisably C-Range Nokia. Consumers in emerging markets were aware of the flagship devices, but couldn’t afford them.

The key material challenge for us was instead of using metal, as with the flagship devices we’d previously designed, these products would be made entirely from plastic, and to meet the target cost would have only one painted surface.


Best Selling Devices

The 2330 Classic and the 2323 Classic were launched in 2009, and reportedly went on to become some of the best selling devices of the year. The 2330 Classic was also launched in developed markets and became a very popular Pay-as-you-go device, with consumers often buying it as a spare.



“The great thing about Equals Design is they listen, then whether your brief is a straight forward industrial design challenge, or a piece of long-term design strategy thinking they respond with creativity, intelligence and a high level of technical skill. Free from all signs of designer ego and prima-donna behaviour, Equals are a pleasure to work with and an asset to any design project”

– Nokia