We design products and packaging

Since we founded the business in 2006, we’ve been quietly building a reputation for thoughtful, desirable and appropriate design.

Back then, we realised that many of our clients leading internal design teams faced a common problem. They needed to outsource design work but didn’t want to rely on traditional agencies whose size or structure sometimes meant they were inflexible or difficult to collaborate with – creating an ‘us and them’ division that stifled output. They also found that their in-house teams could sometimes become bogged down with internal issues (too close) and that agencies sometimes missed the point due to a lack of understanding (not close enough).

So we created an external design studio that would deliver the best of both. All the creative benefits that come from having a bit of distance, combined with the openness and desire to truly listen to, understand and translate their brand values and project objectives into great design work – without big egos or hidden creative agendas.

Ten years on, and we’re still doing just that – all of our clients work directly with us, the designers doing the work. No sales people, client handlers or account managers to go through. Just open, honest communication built on a clear, first-hand understanding of our clients’ needs.

Brand + Consumer + Business

We pride ourselves on not having a house style or creative agenda. Instead, we work with clients to define what’s important and create a project framework around this. To achieve this, we consider the combination of three key elements that go into every project we undertake: brand, consumer, and business. We explore the balance and relationship between these ingredients to get to the right solution for each individual brief – it’s why we’re called Equals.

Only once this balance is defined do we create concept territories and generate initial designs. This way we only design what’s right, save time and get to the best solutions – an approach that leads to an unusually high proportion of our designs progressing into production.

This objective and highly transferable approach has been successfully applied for clients in a diverse range of industry sectors, including consumer electronics, FMCG and luxury goods for clients including Microsoft, Samsung, Davidoff, The Macallan, LG Electronics, Vertu, Nokia and Unilever.


James Palmer founded Equals Design in 2006 after being approached by a number of clients that wanted a different kind of design agency. Since then, he and the team at Equals have been designing thoughtful, desirable and appropriate products and packaging for some of the world’s largest and most successful brands.